Trip to Indiana

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just wanted to Thank you all that came to listen to Travis speak on Sunday. It was a great talk and I can see such great growth in him. I appreciate all of your support throughout the past 2 years. Its takes more than 2 parents to raise a child and I am so happy that I have such a great support group while we raise our Children. Thanks again.

Love ya all



Brad and Leslie said...

Sorry we missed it Debbie. It seemed like Primary started to crumble first thing Sunday morning and didn't stop until after church! I heard he did great.

Nicole said...

I'm glad that Elder Grondel got home safely. We here in Indiana will miss him. I cant wait to see Travis again and meet you wonderful people.

TomG said...

Wow, Dave and Debbie it has been so long. Congratulations on your missionary returning home. Lori and I are doing great. Our blog is and we are also on facebook. :)

Tom and Lori Ginter

Amanda Harris said...

Hi Debbie! Hope all is well with you. When you were my patient you didnt say you had a missionary out. Well anywho I am happy he has returned.
P.S Here is my blog

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