Trip to Indiana

Monday, April 21, 2008

28 years have gone by since this picture. I love Dave more then I thought that I ever could. He is a hard working , quiet, gentle man. We have had a great marriage. The one thing that I appreciate the most is that Dave never wants to fight. Sometimes I think that it is good to get your feeling out but not him and it has taught me how to deal with things better. Dave has been a great listener and never complains when I am the screamer. We have a great family. 6 Children 2 wonderful Son in-laws and 3 Grand Children and 1 more on the way. Our challenges have made us stronger, although some challenges never seem to go away. We have enjoyed our Children so much but wish that I would have not taken the younger years for granted. We have enjoyed every swim meet, every band concert, every choir concert and every Baseball, Softball, Volleyball and Soccer game that we ever went to of the kids. We have rejoiced with them has they have completed there goals in school and in church. We have felt sad when they have been sad and happy when they are happy. Our Children have been our life and we are so thankful for such a beautiful family. One of the greatest moments or events in our life has been when 4 of our 6 children were in the Temple together. We wait to enjoy that moment again when the other 2 go to the Temple. We love it when our family comes together. The grand children are so wonderful. We can't wait to welcome another grandson into our family this year. Travis will be home soon from his mission and it has been a great blessing to have him out serving the Lord. We love him and we miss him and we know that what he is doing is the right thing. Soon Blayne will be graduating from High School and going on his mission. Each new event we get to experience is a blessing and we are thankful to have these blessings in our family. I am thankful for the last 28 years. If I had to do it over again the only thing I would change is that I would hug my Children A LOT more, and appreciated Dave more. Here's to more years ahead.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About Elder Grondel

Elder Grondel is now serving in Muncie Indiana. He is a follow up trainer to Elder Carlson. He says that he is a really hard worker. He also said that he needed that. He is back in a ward. So that is an update about our Elder. We finally found him again. If you want his new address please contact me and I will give it to you. I hope that I have not put this picture in before. You will find this street in Frankfort IN.

Grandkids aren't they FUN !!!

I had a couple of fun days with my sweet little boys. Jaden learned to ride a two wheeler bike without training wheels WOW. Collin loves to swing and play with Uncle Donny. Cutler thinks that the swing is great as well. We had a couple of days just playing and having a picnic lunch in the back yard. Coloring and reading stories. I love to spend a little fun time with them. I can't wait until little Ryan will be here. More to have fun with.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Blayne's Prom

Blayne and Trevor wanted something to do for prom. They wanted to do something really fun. I was checking on line for flight prices and found out that it was cheep to fly to Salt Lake City. So they took their dates to Salt Lake City Utah for there Prom date. What a day. The boys had a baseball game before they left and that ended good 14 to 1 LV won. Then off to Kims to shower, dress and throw some food down them. The girls had a little trouble, but all turned out well. We got them to the Airport in time. The boys wanted to keep each step a secret but someone would spoil it just before blayne could tell them. That turned out fine too. Anyway back to the date. After the flight Blayne's Aunt Lynne picked them up and they went on a carriage ride around Temple square and other sites in Salt Lake. After that it was off to Ogden Ut for dinner. They went to Ruby Rivers for dinner. What a fun night they had. Proms have sure changed since I went on one. I would just like someone to take me to Mesquite (haha) Boys you did good !!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Elder Grondel

Elder Grondel is doing great. Anyway that is what he tells us so we believe him. He is in Frankfort Indiana. His in a very small branch. He has been there since Christmas so I am thinking that a transfer will be taking place this next week. I will keep you posted on that. The pictures are of his District, a Winter Sunrise and a baptism from an old area He taught this sister but was transferred before he could baptise her.
I think that this sunrise is most beautiful.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tonight at work I thought about me and the life that I have had. I am so happy that I was raised in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to see all the people that have taught me and loved me. I came home and was reading Kims blog and have to say a big Sorry cause she has mood swings just like her mom. Its not something I am proud of but all the same we have them and all that you can do is let us speak our peace and then we are over them. Heaven help the ones that have to listen to us speak. My poor Dave, has listened way to many times. But he is still here.

I also thought about the good times we have had. What made me get on this way of thinking was coming home from the 2nd ball game of the night, and we were talking about Blayne and how his older brother Travis put ice down his diaper one time. It was so funny. I realized that I didn't hold on to my babies enough when they were so little and fun. I miss those times now. Now that they are all grown, sometimes I feel like I am not needed anymore cause they all can take care of themselves. I would just love to hold each one of my children a little more. Donny won't let me rock him to sleep anymore, that stopped at 3 dang it. So to all you young mothers take a little more time with your little ones they grow up to fast. I love to go down the good memory lane but that makes me cry sometimes. I am a happy girl (old lady really) when our family all gets together. Dave and I just love it when everyone comes home for dinner.
I don't know why these thoughts came about I guess working in the temple will do that to you sometimes, you just start thinking about something and because it is so quite while you work your thoughts can take you. I Love being a Mom and a Grandma. Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kim told me that I need to update. I don't really know what to up date about but I guess that I can share with you some of the things that I have been up to. It was kind of a busy week with Blayne and Donny both playing baseball. Blayne in Thrusday's game did very well. He got 4 RBI's is first at bat he hit and the second baseman bobbled the ball resulting in 2 score. His 3rd at bat he hit a double and that resulted in 2 guys also scoring. I missed yesterday since I do not get to go to away games, but they won. Donny, got to pitch in Saturday's game. Its crazy because he does not pitch. He did well for not pitching. He hit a single and was walked. Their team did not win the last 2 games.

I also made a wedding cake for Jessica Davis' wedding. I love seeing the end results after doing cakes it just makes me crazy because I am afraid that something will go wrong. Nothing did and the cake was beautiful.

It is better to be Boxed than Toilet Papered. I came home from work on Friday night to find that someone loved
us enough to Box us. It was so dang funny. Boxes every where on the bushes on the cars on the street sign. Boxes of every kind. I am sorry to say though that I can not pass it on, it is not in my nature to do something like that to someone else. But I do have to say it made a big smile on my face and in my heart to know that someone loved us. Thanks to whoever was so clever to come up with something so fun.

The Grondel Bunch

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