Trip to Indiana

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, I thought that it might be time to move this blog forward a little bit. Not to much has changed but enough to make things interesting around here. Since our Trip to Indiana was the last post. I will take it from there.

Blayne our 2nd son has entered into the Mission Field and has been serving in Minnesota for 13 months. He is loving it so much.

We also have a new Grandson Ryan Matthew Troxell jr. and now in April he will be welcoming a new baby brother to his family. We are so excited about that. I get the greatest opportunity to have Kims boys close by me as well. I love having each one of these little boys. In April I will have a basketball team.

I got a new calling in October of last year and it keeps me on my toes. I love working with the Primary of the East Stake. I have learned so much about myself and have gotten to know such wonderful people that I would have never gotten to know on my own.

I love my job. Some days it can be more stress than I can handle but when all is said and done each one of the children I get to love and care for in my home make a great mark in my heart. They teach me so much. I really believe that a child will lead me back to my Father in Heaven.

In January on 2009 we were able to trade in our mini van for a cute little Honda CR-V. I love driving it. It is different to not be driving a mini van but it is all good.

In April on this year Dave and I will have been Married for 30 years. I am thankful the good Husband that I have. He puts up with way more than anyone should ever have to. He is a great Father to our Children and He is a great Grandpa. I hope that we can have another 30 years together on this earth. I am so happy to know that we can share eternity together. Looking forward to that. I hope that this gets us caught up so that when I go to the blog I don't feel guilty for not updating it. I don't think that to many people look at this but if you do thanks for caring about us and we love you for that.


Adele said...

so glad to see you back in blogland - don't be such a stranger! :) xoxo - a

Farnsworth Family said...

Don't think people don't look at the blog...I was ecstatic to see you had updated it!!! Keep up the great work with your family and all you do for church - you are amazing!

Farnsworth Family said...

PS - Remind me to show you my blog book. I am not much of a family journaler and at the beginning of this year, I saw an ad for a blogbook. I decided to give it a try and for roughly $65, I was able to get all my 2009 blog posts in a book format. Pretty cool!!!

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